‘’If I believe that I don’t exist does that not impact who I am? Who am I without a body?’’

Writer Esmé Weijun Wang
(suffered from Cotard syndrome)

Interdisciplinary collaborations exploring disembodiment

‘Dis_embodied Project’ is a long-term research project that consists of an interdisciplinary team, exploring and producing multi-disciplinary artistic experiments to understand human existence without a body. Where our consciousness lies and how our sense of self is generated still remains one of the biggest unsolved questions for scientists and philosophers.

What happens when humans exist without a body? What does that mean for our sense of self? These questions won’t stay hypothetical forever.

Challenge to engage & expand existing knowledge

The Dis_embodied LAB takes these questions as a starting point and uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore their answers. By connecting experts in the field of disembodiment and consciousness multi-sensory experiments are developed to make our relationship with(out) the body tangible.


In our changing world where uploading our mind, AI and exoskeletons are the new frontiers, the multi-sensory experiments bring us back to what it means to own a biological body. 

They are developed in different mediums:

  • 3 Screen Video installation with the human, science and AI subjective perspective on disembodiment

  • Multi-sensory installation in a sensory deprivation tank

  • Immersive audio installation with bone conduction sound

  • Documentary personal stories of losing your body & scientists research consciousness

  • VR-project with wearables

Showcasing and testing experiments

We’re always searching for exciting opportunities to test our work in progress and collaborate. From art festivals to museums, from technology-driven innovative events to science centres. Please get in touch with us to connect!

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If you are interested to experience or learn more about the connection with your body, join us at one of our Disembodied project events. Follow us on social media to stay updated about new events!



We’re always looking to bring fresh perspectives into this highly collaborative project. Forming the spine of the research is a collaboration between (ex-/Cotard syndrome> ) patients’ experiences and scientists, philosophers, doctors, dancers, artists’ expertise. Let’s unite our knowledge now. We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch by sending an e-mail to: mail@marleinevdwerf.com

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